Once Upon A Fan

Magic is Here! 

2x11 - The Outsider

By Amy Degenstein Hood

 This week’s episode takes us further inside the relationship that Belle and Rumple are rebuilding. We see a peek at the darker side of Rumple that many fans loved so much from earlier episodes. The Charming’s face new issues in Storybrooke and everything builds to a climax that left many fans shocked in the end. 

     At the edge of SB, we see Gold/Rumple approach the town line in his car. He stops and pulls Smee out of the trunk of his car. He tosses Smee to the ground and takes his hat. Smee begs not to be pushed over the town line. Rumple asks why the hat is so important, to which Smee replies that it was made by his grandmother. Rumple pours a potion over the hat, places it back on Smee and shoves him over the town line. We see Smee enveloped in purple light as Sneezy had been in a previous episode when he crossed the line. The light subsides, and Gold asks Smee his name. “William Smee!” he replies, seemingly surprised that he remembers. He answers Rumple’s questions, identifying him as the Dark One. Smee has not lost his memories, Rumple’s potion works. Rumple tells him to run away, and says he has a trip to plan. He has found a way to keep his memories and search for his son. 

     In a cemetery in SB, Snow is delivering a eulogy at Archie/Jiminy’s funeral. We see that most of SB has turned out, and all are devastated by the loss of who they think is Jiminy. Marco/ Geppetto places the umbrella that Jiminy always carried across the grave stone and says that he will miss him. Back on Hook’s ship, we see that Hook is tormenting Archie trying to discover what weaknesses Rumple may have. He asks where the dagger is, but Archie has no idea. Hook knows that Rumple must have divulged some secret weakness and he continues to press for answers.

     In Gold’s Pawnshop, Belle comes in to see Rumple. He has wonderful news for her, and tells her that he has created a spell that will let him leave SB and keep his memories. He says that the potion must be poured on the object that one holds most dear, and the item becomes a type of talisman. Rumple show’s Belle a shawl that is all he has left of Bae. It is the thing he holds most dear to him. Belle asks if she can come too, but he only has enough potion for one object. She understands and they hug each other tightly.

In Fairytale Land of the past, we see Belle having a drink in a pub. Dreamy (who we saw last season becomes Grumpy) stops at her table and thanks her for the advice she gave him. Fans will remember last season that Belle was the one who talked Dreamy into telling Nova how he really felt. Belle is looking for adventure, but hesitant to act. He tells Belle that she should sign up with some men who are in the pub looking for volunteers to hunt a mythical beast. After a bit of persuasion she decides she will follow her heart and do it. Dreamy gives her some fairy dust and she is off on an adventure. The next day we see Belle reading a book while riding on the back of a cart. The hunters think she is being stupid for reading. She explains that the book says they will find the animal they seek by the lake. They push her off the cart and move on without her. We then see her reading that the creature will not be by a lake, it prefers mountain habitat. She travels to hunt the creature alone and is almost killed. Someone shoots an arrow, causing the creature to run away. We see it is Mulan, who has been hunting the creature. She tells Belle that she ruined her hunt. Belle says that she was able to track the creature in one day and offers help, but Mulan moves on alone.

     In SB, Belle enters the library and starts to organize some books. Hook appears standing in front of her. She recognizes him as the man who broke into her cell in the queen’s palace. She knows he wanted to kill Rumple in FTL, and he says that he will settle for killing her. Belle runs and locks herself in the elevator as Hook beats on the door trying to get in. Belle calls Rumple on the cell phone to try and get help, but the phone signal is breaking up and he can’t hear most of what she is saying. Outside the elevator the banging continues and Belle is frightened. After a moment the doors fly open and Rumple is standing there. Belle runs into his arms and tells him about the pirate. They head back to the shop together. Belle asks why Hook hates Rumple so much. Reluctantly he tells her a small part of the story. He says that Hook “took” his wife and that she died. As they enter the pawn shop, Rumple realizes that Bae’s shawl has been stolen. We see Smee outside on a rooftop handing the shawl to Hook. Hook tells Smee that the shawl is the end of “The Crocodile’s” hope and that now he will be trapped. 

At home with the Charming’s, four people in the little apartment seems to be a bit of a tight fit. Charming, Snow, Emma and Henry are all together, but perhaps they need to find a bigger place. Henry is still devastated over both the death of his friend, Archie and the thought that Regina could do something so terrible. The 7 Dwarves are there and they want to know when they can go back to FTL. They are homesick, and afraid that outsiders might come to SB. Red chimes in agreeing that outsiders will not understand or accept magic. Snow and Emma don’t think it’s a good idea, but the dwarves seem very set on trying to get home.

     In the shop, Rumple and Belle argue. She wants to help him get the shawl but he is worried that something will happen to her. He begs her to go lock herself in the library, saying he cannot stand the thought of losing her. He gives her a gun and shows her how to use it. She asks him to only get the shawl back and not try to get revenge, but he walks away without answering her. In the library later on, Belle finds a piece of rope. In a book she sees that it is tied in a nautical knot, and she deduces that Hook came to town on a ship. Outside on the street, Rumple catches up with Smee. He uses his powers to hold and choke him. Smee says he gave the shawl to Hook and that Hook has not told him anything. Rumple replies, “Why would he? You’re nothing but a sniveling rat.” With that, he turns Smee into a rat and tells him to scurry off.

At the harbor, Belle is searching for Hook’s ship which is still invisible. She looks up and sees seagulls sitting on an apparent mast. She sprinkles sawdust and sees the outline of the ship. Making her way carefully, she moves forward breaking the barrier and is able to see the ship. She moves down into the cargo area and can hear a man’s voice. She opens the hold and finds Archie. She frees him and tells him to go find Rumple right away and tell him she is on the ship. Archie runs out. On a shelf Belle discovers a locked box. When she opens it there is only treasure inside.

     In the Charming home, we see Henry on the phone. Snow picks up to hear that he is calling Archie’s office to hear his voice on the recording. Pongo runs in. Emma has found a small way to cheer Henry up a bit, she brings Archie’s dog Pongo home for Henry. He seems happy for the first time since Archie’s death. Snow thinks it’s a great idea, but they agree that things might be cramped. Emma doesn’t want her parents to move out, and Snow suggests that they find a “bigger roof” to live under. Later we see Snow and Charming looking at houses. Charming mentions that they should go back to FTL and make things right, Snow wants to stay in SB. She is tired of fighting. Back at their apartment Emma and Henry are hanging out. Henry mentions that if Snow and Charming move out they could make the room into an armory to protect them from Regina. Pongo begins to bark, there is a knock on the door. Emma opens it, and is shocked to find Archie standing there. Henry jumps and hugs him. They realize that Regina didn’t do what she was accused of, but Emma says they will surely pay the price for accusing her.

Back on the ship, Hook finds Belle and asks if she’s looking g for the shawl he’s holding. He takes the gun away from her and points it at her head. He will not allow her to leave. She tells him she is not afraid of him. Hook says he’s doing Rumple’s son a favor, then he tells Belle what really happened between himself and Rumple. He tells her how Milah loved him and not Rumple, and that he killed her. Belle tells Hook that she sees good in Rumple and that his heart is good. She knocks Hook down and grabs the shawl while running up to the top deck. Hook stops her, and as he approaches her, Rumple appears. Hook asks him what magic he will hide behind today. “Not magic” he replies, and begins to beat Hook with his cane. Belle tries to stop him but he continues. Hook says Rumple is still a coward. Hook states that he wants to be killed and reunited with Milah. Belle tells Rumple that she knows he’s a better person and to please prove she’s right. Rumple stops the beating, and tells Hook to take his ship and sail away.

          In FTL past, the men that Belle sent in the wrong direction have caught up with her. They try to push her into a well, but she is saved by Mulan. Mulan asks for Belle’s help, saying that with her tracking skills and information they can find the creature and save her village. Mulan is suffering with a wounded leg. She tells Belle that she must kill the creature for her. Belle is unsure if she can do it, but Mulan convinces her that she can. Belle tracks the beast and lures it to a place in town where she can corner it. She douses it with water and the enormous flame around its head goes out. The creature is lying on the ground breathing hard.  It seems almost pitiful as it lies there. Belle lifts her sword, but notices that the creature is writing something in the dirt. She recognizes the symbol for “Save Me.” She puts the sword away and pulls out the bag of fairy dust that Dreamy gave her. As she pours it on the creature, he is transformed. Rising from the ground, we see it is Prince Philip. He tells Belle that Maleficent cursed him so that he could not be with Aurora. Belle says he can repay her by helping Mulan. He agrees and Belle brings him to her. Belle tells them she can’t stay, that she has to go face another beast. She leaves, headed back to Rumple. On the road, the Queen’s soldiers stop Belle. The Queen orders her locked away. Belle begs to be set free so she can go to Rumple. She says she will never stop fighting for Rumple. The men that Belle misdirected earlier in the episode are there. They led the Queen to Belle. We hear that one of the men is named “Claude”, which is the name of the guard that Hook killed in an earlier episode while breaking in to Belle’s cell.

At the town line of SB, Belle and Rumple sit in his car. He asks her why she loves him, why she keeps fighting for him after all he’s done. She says that she learned a long time ago that if something was worth it, you hold on and keep fighting. They step out of the car and Rumple pours his potion on Bae’s shawl. He steps across the line, which Belle is standing very close to. He turns back to her, and they are both relieved that he remembers her. “Now you can find your son.” she tells him. “I’ll be here waiting for you when you get back” she says as they hold hands across the line. They hold hands tightly, and suddenly there is a gunshot. We hear Hook say “I wouldn’t count on it” and see him pointing the gun. The shot hits Belle and she falls forward across the line into Rumple’s arms. Belle is bleeding severely, and asks “Who’s Belle?” as Rumple, panicking, repeats her name. Hook tells Rumple that now he knows how it feels to lose someone. What he has done cannot be undone. Hook says she will live, but she will not know Rumple anymore. Rumple carries Belle back across the line as Hook shouts for him to do his worst. “Oh I intend to” he says, and raises his hand to use magic. Suddenly, a car comes speeding on the road. Rumple jumps out of the way, but it strikes Hook. Thunder and lightning crash as we zoom into the license plate of the wrecked car. It’s from Pennsylvania….. Outsiders can now come to Storybrooke. 

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