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Your complete guide to the myths and legends that combine to make Once Upon A Time

 Explore the Arthurian legend surrounding Lancelot, take a trip into the woods to discover the mythology behind Red Riding Hood or learn more about a modern day hero called Snow White. Origins provides unique insights and perspectives from talented writers into the characters we know and love, going far beyond the boundaries of Storybrooke.


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Zachery Van Norman

The Power Of Red II: Snow White

A continuation of the exploration of colour in the series, focusing on Snow White

Teresa Martin

The Marriage Of The Fairest Of Them All & Her Charming

The courtship and marriage of Snow and her Charming throughout season one.

A Tale Of Two Reginas

How does Regina Mills stack up against the Grimm Brother's 'evil queen' ?

Spinning Gold

We know that Rumplestiltskin spins straw into gold and was a spinner in his early life. But what IS spinning exactly and what has it symbolized over time?

Beauty & The Beast

Tale as old as time; from it's French beginnings to it's Disney spin, take a look at the history behind our Belle.

Storytime: Sleeping Beauty

From the Grimm Brothers to Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis, explore the origins and history of Sleeping Beauty.

The Origins Of Music

Music plays a huge part in Once Upon a Time and most any show or movie. Explore the roots of this art in our lives and cultures.

What In The Name Of Rumplestiltskin's Leather Pants Is A Wraith?

No, it's not a Dementor and Teresa Martin tells us why.

The Origins Of Fairy Tales

Viewed nowadays as stories for children, fairy tales were not always for the young and young at heart.

The Origins Of Zombies

Zombies in the Enchanted Forest?  How do they fit into the lore of this pop culture monster?

The Family of The Fairest

The Charming family and the power of the number three.

We Are Both: Governing In Once Upon A Time

The governing structures of our world and Fairy Tale Land collide in Storybrooke and Teresa Martin breaks it down for us.

Mix & Match

Delving back into Grimm's version of 'Snow White', Teresa uncovers an interesting twist to the 'evil step-mother' trope.

The Three Queens

Exploing Eva, Snow, and Emma’s parallels with Traditional Christian Narrative

The Brothers Grimm

The Life & Works Of The Iconic Storytellers

The Miller's Daughter

A complete look at the classic tale. How does OUAT's version compare?

For Those In Peril On The Sea

Ships as an Essential Narrative Tool in Once Upon A Time

The Pan Flute

Teresa Martin traces the history of the Pan Flute and finds that Once Upon A Time's version of Peter Pan has closer ties to greek mythology than Disney.

There's Something About Marian

Exploring the character of Maid Marian, looking back at her unique and iconic history in Books, TV & Film, along with‪ Once Upon A Time‬'s interpretation of her.

Hans Christian Andersen: Seeing the World Through the Eyes of a Child

Frozen is coming to Once Upon A Time. However the origins of the smash hit movie began in 1844! Find out more about the world of Hans Christian Andersen.

The Snow Queen: The Cold Bothers Her!

A Big Chill is coming to Once Upon A Time. Teresa Martin examines the history of this iconic literary character.

Lessons Learned: Nursery Rhymes & Once Upon A Time

The introduction of Bo Peep saw ‪Once Upon A Time‬ tackle a whole new realm. Teresa Martin takes a look at the history of the nursery rhyme.

There Has Been A Change

The winter finale of ‎Once Upon A Time brought one of the most cherished relationships on the show crashing down. In her latest Origins article, Teresa Martin takes a look at the Rumbelle relationship and the long road back to Happily Ever After

Chris Fitzner

Snow White: The Hero

Move over Prince Charming, this modern princess can do all the saving for herself.

All That Glitters Is Not Gold (The Origins Of Midas)

Greek myth is still ingrained in our present day culture so it's no surprise that the creators of Once Upon a Time would turn their Golden Touch to one of it's most recognizable characters.

Chris Fitzner explores why magic mirrors have been a common theme in folklore. Step inside and discover new realms. 

Exploring the origins of mainstream shipping and a look at some of the main ships on Once Upon A Time

Fathoms Below

With Ariel making her debut in season three of Once Upon a Time, a look at the origins of the mermaid.

Cristi Nino

The Magic Of Cosplay

What is cosplay and how has it translated into the 'Once Upon a Time' fandom? Read one cosplayer's story about bringing her hobby and love for the show together.


Under The Sea: Ariel Versus The Little Mermaid

Comparing the Disney version of The Little Mermaid with Hans Christian Anderson's classic tale.

Mauri Lazaro

Something Wicked This Way Comes...

The Wicked Witch of The West is coming to Once Upon A Time. Mauri Lazaro takes a look at the origins and history of this iconic character.

A Pirate's Life For Me - Origins of Blackbeard

Mauri Lazaro looks at the history of this frightening real life character.