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2x11 - The Outsider

Favourite Moment

Gareth: Fantastic episode. Loved every minute of it. So hard to pick a favourite moment but the standout was Gold beating Hook to a bloody pulp. Nobody does violence and carnage as well as Robert Carlyle. 

Laura: Gold/Rumple beating the living Arrrr! out of Captain Hook!

Diane: My favorite scene of all? When Mr. Gold beats the stuffing out of Captain Hook (even though he's my secret TV crush ; ), demonstrating that he's no coward any longer—and he didn't even "hide behind the magic" this time : )

Christine: Probably most of the Rumbelle moments, which comes as no shock as I've been a Rumbelle fan from the beginning. I really loved the dynamics between Belle and Rumplestiltskin this week (and that we got to see them for more than five minutes). Their arguments were great and their tender moments felt really natural. Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin has amazing chemistry together

Rumpelstiltskin's reaction to finding Baelfire's shawl missing was really good. That hand over the mouth disbelief and grief. A reaction we don't get out of Gold/Rumple usually but I've yet to be dismayed by a single moment of Robert Carlyle's performance. He makes a feast out of the scenery.

There REALLY should've been a kiss in the car before he crossed the line. It was so THERE after her declaring what she had learned about never giving up one what is worth fighting for. But alas. "Oh ho ho ho, all the difference in the world" (all Rumple ish)

Lori:  I was thrilled with Belle’s character development in this episode as a strong woman of courage and integrity.  The idea of a “warrior spirit,” or fighting for what you believe in, reminds me of the medieval concept of “trouthe,” which is staying true to one’s self and beliefs.  In “Skin Deep” Belle said she wanted to see the world, and she fulfilled part of that by her adventure in Mulan’s country.  I cheered when she was about to return to Rumplestiltskin’s Dark Castle in Fairy Tale Land (although I knew that was not meant to be).  In Storybrooke she has the strength of heart to be true to her belief in Rumple’s goodness and will not allow even the knowledge that he killed his own wife steer her away from that.  I think this Belle with integrity is the one we have all been waiting eagerly for.  As an English Major and bookworm, I rejoice that her “bookishness” was also presented as a unique strength of hers in both lands.

Mauri: Belle taking charge in FTL and in Storybrooke by finding the yauguai in Mulan's world. Then in Storybrooke finding Hook's ship and rescuing Archie.  Another favorite moment was when Archie showed up at Mary Marget's apartment unharmed.

Jackie: My favorite moment were all the adventurous Belle moments. She's not sitting around and playing it safe in the episode. Belle knows the dangers of what could happen but still seeks adventure in the great wide somewhere.

Amy: Rumple completely distraught and out of control while beating Hook with his cane. I love Hook.... but there is nothing better than seeing Rumple as Gold start getting back to the darker side of his character. I loved that about him in Season 1. He seemed to get softer, more sympathetic as the episodes went on, but I love him most when he is dark.

Teresa: The argument between Belle and Gold in the shop. They are in character, their love is present, yet they are clashing. That’s Beauty and the Beast!  Hopefully this is a preview of more to come. Belle and Rumple as a team in Storybrooke, madly in love, keeping each other in balance, and putting the fun in dysfunction as equals, would be original, interesting, and a marvelous foil to Snowing. So glad the “Regina falsely accused” was quickly ended. Also, kudos are due to Tony Amendola for his heartfelt scene at Archie’s grave, and poor Smee, played by Chris Gauthier. His “series of unfortunate events” are a hoot.

Jennifer: Any scene in which my favorite Disney princess Belle used her intellect - so that was just about all of them. She even used books as her weapon to knock out Hook! She wasn't whining or sneaking out windows or being VICTIMIZED. Amen to that.

Zach: I loved it when Belle shoved the books onto Hook. It was a small moment but also a great metaphor to show that Belle can use her smarts to defeat her enemies, this time literally. It gave her strength as a character and made her something more than a damsel-in-distress. And Belle can translate languages! Great character touch, makes perfect sense given how much she reads. Two thumbs up for Belle's smarts!

Least Favourite Moment

Gareth: Belle getting shot and losing her memories. The way the scene was edited made it fairly obvious Belle was going over that line. You could see it coming a mile off but that only added to the tension of the whole scene. I was literaly clutching the sofa waiting for it to happen. Why is it my least favourite moment? Amnesia storylines! We are retreading a plot thread covered in season one with David when he woke up from his coma. I just hope it doesnt drag on for too long, though exploring Belle's Storybrooke persona might be fun if done right.

Laura: Snow and Charming looking in the newspaper at houses. 

Christine: For an episode that I enjoyed so much, I have a few: Archie's funeral and theluncheon with the dwarves after the funeral. Sorry Archie fans. They weren't even bad but I was here for the Rumbelle party. Also, not enough Regina. Lana Parilla has really taken the character that I most hated watching (and never missed last season) into someone I cannot take my eyes off of. 

I wasn't really into Adventure Belle and her hunt with Mulan, I DID like seeing where she went from the pub where she saw Dreamy last season (and the moment that shows her distaste for magic). The rest of the time in Fairy Tale Land did little for me but did anyone else see that exaggerated "Once Over" that Mulan gave to Phillip? Hello instant attraction. Seeing where Regina finally caught up with Belle helped slide in another piece of the puzzle.

Lori: My least favorite moment was, of course, Belle losing her memory.  I do understand the necessity of bumps (or in this case, lines) in the road of their relationship for plot tension, but I must admit I felt very “twisty” inside during this scene.  I am desperately hoping to see Rumple return the loyalty that Belle has shown him and to see his endeavors to reconnect with her.  Will he find a way to help her regain her memory?  Or will he trust that true love is inside her and try to “woo” her back?  However, I sincerely hope that this plot line is resolved well before the season finale.

Mauri: When Rumple turned Smee into a rat. I'm a bit sentmental about him because on my first trip to Disney world, when I was three years old, Smee was the first character I saw walking around the park, and I went up to him and hugged him.

Jackie:  I'm sure I'm with many people on this one. It's when Belle got shot and lost her memory! I am a little intrigued to see what "cursed" Belle would have been like if she wasn't kept for 28 years. Since she was held captive, does this mean we'll see a "crazy" Belle? It will be interesting! I really want to see how they're going to fix this issue! True loves kiss? Magic? We'll have to wait and see! 

Amy: I'm hoping that the 'Belle amnesia" gets cleared up soon. The episode kept panning to the line on the ground, so we really knew for several moments that it was coming. Also, if Rumple was leaving town, I assume he was going to get in the car and go, which would have left poor Belle to walk home...lol.

Teresa: The ending, not because it wasn’t a great cliffhanger, but the fear that this amnesia story will drag out too long. We finally saw the Belle for whom we’ve been waiting nearly a year, and "in my humble opinion" this arc should last only for the next two or three episodes.  Fans watch because they enjoy the characters and these can only be taken away for so long before fatigue and frustration sets it.  And let’s be honest, we watch these shows for the fun and fantasy. In this uncertain world, we have enough angst.  Let’s have great stories and, for crying out loud, some happiness every now and then.  I sincerely hope that Belle is back before March, with Rumple, and ready to take no prisoners when it comes to her safety and that of those she loves.

Jennifer:  The funeral scene, because it looks like Belle has been indoctrinated into Storybrooke - and we saw none of it. I'm glad she met Ruby in The Crocodile, but the writers missed an opportunity in not having a proper introduction to Snow and Emma. Shouldn't Emma be saying, "Who the heck are you and why are you making googly eyes at Mr. GOLD of all people?"

Zach: Belle getting shot and losing her memories. It was such a violent one-two punch against such an innocent person, it was shocking. My first reaction was fairly negative, but the idea of Rumple trying to get Belle to love him as himself, with no memories of their past, is something with too many possibilities to turn away from. If told correctly, this is going to be a great story and I can't wait to see where it can go.

Overall Impression Of The Episode

Gareth: One of my favourites of the season, rating it alongside "The Crocodile" in terms of quality. Plenty of drama, action and Robert Carlyle at his delicious best. For the first time this season, the tortured romance between Belle and Gold seemed truly believable. It was heartbreaking to watch Belle go "over the line" and lose her memories, though we can now look forward to OUAT's favourite pairing falling in love all over again. Kudos to Colin O'Donoghue as well. He is shaping up to be a fantastic Captain Hook

Laura: I really enjoyed this episode, it got back to that 'edge of your seat' viewing that I enjoy. It's always lovely to see Carlyle have a proper dramatic showcase for his acting range.

Diane: I was elated with this episode for a host of reasons, chief of which is the concentration on the dynamics between a smaller number of "core" characters—particularly Rumpel & Belle. One of my criticisms of Season 2 is that the show is starting to get too busy for me with a virtual carnival of Disney-esque characters, making me miss the "soul richness" of earlier episodes that remind us of the depth & sagacity of fairy tales. So imagine my glee at watching the relationship of Belle & Rumple unfold, especially with the amazing ease & chemistry Emilie de Ravin & Robert Carlyle demonstrate with one another!

 I love seeing these two talented actors in action and more of Belle's fascinating history that informs her brilliant evasions of Captain Hook. Even more rewarding was seeing Belle's strength & wisdom at play— as viewers, these scenes show was why Rumpel holds her so dear to his heart! And my God, the dialogue! Forgive my ebullience, but when sinister Captain Hook tells Belle about how Mira died & says, "Why do you think anyone who comes close to him has run away or been killed?" and Belle counters "I believe he's changed! His heart is pure and yours is rotten" (before she gives him a whacking), and then Captain Hook vows "You have no idea," I felt like sparks were flying off my TV set. Time after time the dialogue was razor sharp, if not profound, and reminded me of why I watch this show: because it dares to tackle the themes of love, honor, hope, faith, evil and betrayal like no other show on television right now. 

Christine: This was a really engaging episode that kept me on the edge of my seat AND I was delivered Rumbelle as they've been promising. I'm NOT THRILLED AT ALL with the whole "shoot Belle/memory loss" thing but this episode left me smashing my head on my desk, tearing at my hair and crying for next Sunday. Which is kind of rare.

Lori: This was truly an exciting episode that made my heart jump in many ways.  I liked the way the Fairy Tale backstory was tied together: revisiting the bar scene with Dreamy which leads Belle to an adventure, which leads to Mulan and Philip meeting for the first time, which leads to  Belle’s capture by the Evil Queen.  I thought the chemistry between Gold, Belle, and Hook in their scenes together was compelling, which is again a testament to the masterful acting. 

Mauri: I loved this episode it had everything. I liked how Dreamy encouraged Belle into living her dream of having an adventure. Then on her adventure it tied in how Mulan and Phillip met.

Jackie: This episode has made it to my top all time favorites! I think the writers did an excellent job! It was just enough to keep everything moving along on a nice, exciting pace. Things are finally coming together and becoming more clear, while at the same time the plot thickens. While I was hoping to see Sarah Bolger with a reunited Julian Morris, I was excited to learn that Belle saved Philip! It connects the little dots together and shows how Philip and Mulan became friends. I think it's a nice little twist. 

Speaking of Prince Philip, my favorite quote of the episode was, "My friend's hurt, she needs a doctor... as do you". I know that sounds really lame, but being a huge Pretty Little Liars fan, as well as a Once fan, this made me so excited. Now I'm sure they didn't do it on purpose, but my friend and I cheered when we heard this. For those of you who don't know, Julian Morris plays Wren Kingston on Pretty Little Liars, who is indeed a doctor- and a very good one at that! 

I do have one question though, okay maybe two... Where was Cora this whole episode? Where was she hiding? She wasn't in her normal hiding spot on the ship, where else could she be? I think it's a little too early to be at Regina's playing catchup. It's not like she could take a nice Sunday stroll down Main Street in Storybrooke without someone spotting her!

My other question is where was the scene with Marco and Emma? I was hoping to see a scene with them. Was Pongo really the only topic they talked about, or was there something-someone-else that they might have chatted about?

One more thought. I think the "outsider" at the end had a definitive reason to come to Storybrooke. The Outsider looked like he knew where he was going and what he was doing. The Outsider has to connect somehow to the overall plot. It's similar to how August first came to Storybrooke. He connected back to the main plot and was very much a key figure in season one. Random events don't happen in Storybrooke, everything happens for a reason. 
Amy: I loved this one. I really enjoy seeing Rumple in both his sympathetic, "struggling to be better" side, along with that dark part of him we loved so much from the earlier episodes. I feel the same way about Regina. I like that she and Rumple are both so layered. It's what makes them so interesting and fun to watch.

Teresa: This is easily the best episode of the season.  “Skin Deep” gave us Beauty and the Beast, and they have finally returned.  Last Sunday we had again the Rumbelle we fell in love with. The episode had me cheering at the end and in anticipation for next week, as every episode should. I’ll say it again: there is no reason for it to be otherwise. The creators have a winning formula and when they stick with it, it’s magic.  The acting of Robert Carlyle and Emilie de Ravin was beyond superb, and now that we’ve finally seen an episode that did the Rumbelle relationship justice, it’s clear that the chemistry between them in “Skin Deep” was not a fluke.  I feel that Season Two began last week and that this is where the story should have been from September 30th.

Jennifer:  Wow. Just wow. Such angst in those last 5 minutes! But Rumbellers like me, do not despair. Belle has her own magic within her: her intellect and a penchant to see the good in everyone and everything around her. It's Rumple's turn to appeal to these qualities and fight to regain the one he loves, if the Canadian previews are any indication. Just as long as they don't go the way of Grimm with the "love interest with amnesia" angle. The writers are well aware what happens when you mess with Rumbelle: You get hit by a car.

Zach: I really loved the storyline with Belle, Mulan and the yaoguai. It felt like a link was established between season 1 and season 2 with Belle and Mulan's interaction, and it brought the seemingly unrelated stories of season 2 closer together when Philip's curse as the yaoguai was lifted. It really brought the show universe closer together, yet also expanded the scope. Good stuff. The Storybrooke side of things could have been better. I don't know why Rumple would trust Hook to leave just because he told him to, leaving him wide open to shoot Belle later, but I'm keeping the faith that there will be a great payoff down the road. Keep the faith, RumBelle fans!

Favorite Lines

Belle:  "Because his heart is true.  And yours…yours is rotten.”

Gold: "He Has To Die, Belle"!

Hook:  “I’ve always wanted to dissect a cricket!”

Emma: "You plotting your escape from Shawshank, kid"?

Belle: "I will always fight for him"

Hook: "I know this ship like the back of my - well, you know"

Belle: "You're not the first beast I've faced."

Snow: "I just imagined a bigger roof... with turrets."


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